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If your Table already has a local 41 Club that you plan to join to continue your RT Family journey that’s great – we know you’ll be made welcome and will have a great time.

For those who don’t or can’t, why not join or start an XRT? A new type of active  Club to continue Table friendships and activities within your Area to:

  • EXtend your Round Table activities
  • Have eXtra Round Table experiences
  • EXpand your Round Table friendships

Local XRT Clubs are made up of those who are leaving or have recently left Table  but still want to continue their active experiences amongst like-minded men – either with those who were in there own or with others who were in local Tables.

Interested? Just complete your details below and we will get back to you shortly:

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Do you want to keep Tabling after you leave Round Table and #DOEVENMORE?

If your Table already have an active 41 Club and you plan to join them, that’s great – we wish you the very best is continuing your RT Family journey.

We know however that many Tablers do not end up joining a 41 Club – and we want to know why. SO

What are the three things that XRT / 41 Club need to #DOMORE to attract Round Tablers to join and continue their Round Table Family journey?

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